RAVE: Peppermint Tea

Have you tried peppermint tea before? If you haven't, you're missing out! It is fabulous. It's not quite as good as restaurant-brewed Original Good Earth tea...but it definitely beats brewed-at-home Original Good Earth tea.

I had been drinking peppermint tea for the last few years each time I went to the hair salon, but every time I asked what I was drinking they told me it was "special aveda" tea made from black licorice. I HATE black licorice, but I loved the tea.

Clearly, I should have prodded more, because I recently visited a new salon here in Philly and they offered me tea, and of the options given, I chose peppermint. Imagine my surprise when it tasted just like the "special aveda" tea! Which by the way, Aveda sells on their website for a hefty $14 for 20 tea bags.

You're not fooling me anymore. I'm sticking to my $2 grocery store peppermint tea that tastes just as delightul.

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