RANDOM: A Feast for Kings & Queens

After a fun weekend with mom, I fell a little behind on the usual upkeep of life. You know, the really fun stuff, like grocery shopping and laundry. Which isn't really that big of a deal...I definitely have enough clothes to last me a solid 3 weeks without doing laundry and I am more than willing to eat out (though I should probably get creative with the contents of my freezer).
But here's where the problem came in:

My cats ran out of food!!!

Now granted, they still had dry food, but their beloved meow-til-they're-blue-in-the-face-til-you-feed-them-some-wet-food was gone!

I was a bit perplexed on how to handle this. Do I trek out to the grocery store in rush hour? Do I put up with their incessant meowing and pathetic little faces? If you have cats, you know that the second one really wasn't an option. And then I had a brilliant idea! Having dragged us out to eat for every meal over the weekend just so we could eat outside produced A LOT of leftovers.
One of them being filet mignon!

That's right folks, my cats ate like a King & Queen tonight.

And for those of you who think I am beyond ridiculous for doing so should really come over and listen to these meows. You can almost hear them saying "I will hate you if you don't feed me NOW." After hearing those meows and taking a glimpse of their pathetic, sad little eyes, even you doubters would feed them hot-off-the grill filet mignon every night for the rest of their lives!

And for the record, I realize that pulling this kind of behavior with kids would make me an overindulgent (or really bad) parent.
But what can I say? I have a heart.

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