RANT: Growing OUT of my Fat Pants

Fat Pants.
We all have them.
They're supposed to be trustworthy.
They're supposed to fit loosely.
They're supposed to make you feel like the skinniest girl in the world.
Well, I got a little too comfortable in my fat pants. In fact, I bought a few pairs of them telling myself I'll get back to my "normal" pants after Christmas.
And now...
I've started to grow out of most of them!

I wish I could tell you it was the stress of the move or the lack of gym membership...but it's not. I've knowingly ate too much and exercised too little for way too long. So in an effort to get my butt into gear, I share with you my fat pants journey:

Left to Right: Notice the black pants still have their tags on. These are my "dream" pants, they've never actually been fat pants, but I still consider them part of "the journey." They're high quality lined-black pants from Banana Republic purchased over three years ago (for $20!). I was so close to actually being able to wear them at the time of purchase and thought buying them would give me the extra motivation. I guess it didn't work. The gray pants in the middle are my old fat pants. They used to be so loose they'd slide down my hips when I walked. I should have known something was up when they started to actually fit, and then when they started to give me the oh-so-hated muffin top. And now, the light gray pants have taken over the coveted fat-pants spot. Notice how the pockets are protruding and they are wrinkled in the thigh area? Ladies, for the record, that is the first sign your pants are too tight! Do something about it before it's too late and you have to add a 4th pair to your fat-pants story!

So, here's to growing out of the light gray pants (in the good kind of way), getting the dark-gray pants back to fat-pants status...and maybe one day just plain fitting into the black ones! I'll keep you posted.

p.s. I dare you to google image "fat pants." I would have loved to post it here but feared my blog would be shut down :) Instead, this one seemed safer...


  1. Em I have total faith in you. You'll be in the black pants before summer is done!

  2. Anonymous3/15/2010

    I'm right there with you, honey. We should give each other updates to help keep each other on track. ~DB

  3. I am in the same boat!!! I actually weighed myself last night before bed and literally almost cried myself to sleep. Then today I put on my fat jeans, and they are almost at the too-tight point. I feel ya, sista! We can do it!!! Here's to fitting into our skinny pants once again. :)

  4. Ooh girl I hear you too. It's nice to have friends who want to support you. I'm excited to see the journey's end. I have a little black dress for my journey's end, still intact with tag as well. :)

  5. Thanks for the encouragement girls - it's just what I needed to avoid the work goodies today :)

  6. I love this blog and this post. I am wearing my fat pants right now. I once could only wear them with a belt holding them up. Those days are long gone!