RAVE: Green in January

Now that the holidays are over and winter is clearly still here to stay, I find it helpful for my disposition to fill the house with plants. Since our condo isn't that big, and since I did this last year (and surprisingly I managed to keep most of them alive!), I was a bit limited in how many I could buy. So, I decided to just buy the one plant I've been eyeing all year....Mr. Jade:

I LOVE him! I have no clue how to take care of a jade plant, but hopefully I'll figure it out and he'll make it through to next Winter - stay tuned.

And as usual, the inexpensive herb plants got me once again. This is my third attempt at an herb garden so hopefully these basil and parsley plants have a fighting chance. Don't let the droopy parsley plant deceive you, it actually looks better now that it's been in my care. Maybe the trendy black terracotta pots will help too...what do you think?

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