RAVE: Dinner hosted by The Waxed Bean

After 8 months of working together, Wayles, Margaret and I finally found a date that worked for us and our significant others to get together for dinner. It really is unbelievable how long it took us to set this up. I do love him, but I'm going to blame Mike for the fact that this has taken so long...being gone Monday-Friday almost every week can make social gatherings a little challenging. But I guess that is neither here nor there.

After work, the three of us headed home with Wayles to start dinner. Being the spectacular host she is, we kicked things off with a bottle of champagne. That girl knows her priorities. After a quick toast it was time to get the cooking started (we were already 4 minutes behind schedule according to the planned timeline).

Margaret and I anxiously looked on as Wayles started pulling out ingredients to make a chocolate cake from scratch. From scratch. That means, no box. Who knew!?

Confession time: It wasn't until some time around age 15 that I realized cakes could be made any other way than from a box.

I thought that by reading the recipe out loud I had found a way to be helpful. But I soon realized it was a bit futile after observing that Wayles wasn't too big on measuring. Lucky for us she has great cooking instincts!

While she trusted her instincts, Margaret may, or may not, have trusted Wayles' ability to open the champagne safely...decide for yourself:

James (Wayles roommie & significant other) came home about an hour into our bottle of champagne. Mike arrived soon after and that proved to be too many people for us to stay in the kitchen. So it was off to the living room where Ashes took to Mike instantly, but who wouldn't? :)

Once Matt (Margaret's then significant other and now fiance!) arrived, Wayles served a lovely tomato-mozzarella-basil appetizer. I wish I had a better camera to truly capture them, but even so, aren't they pretty?

After lots of good conversation and Wayles slaving in the kitchen, dinner was ready. I kicked the meal off by falling backwards in my chair. Yes, you read that right. It was one of the moments that was just so funny, I had to distract myself for the next 10 minutes to not think about it or else I'd burst out laughing again. In fact, thinking about it still makes me laugh. Pretty sure it's one of those had-to-be-there moments though...

Our dinner was delicious. Chicken with mango salsa, cous-cous, asparagus (with butter of course), and salad with homemade dressing. Yum, yum, and yum! You should definitely head over to The Waxed Bean to read how Wayles made it all. It's definitely worth repeating.

Even though we were stuffed, nothing was going to stop us from eating that chocolate cake we watched get made from scratch just hours before. And it did not disappoint. So divine!

Amazing food and fabulous company made for a great night. And the Phillies won too...does it really get any better than that? I submit that it does not.

Thanks for hosting Waylesies!

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  1. Finally! Thanks for a great post and picture collection! I hope you weren't just saying all those things- I loved having you all over- can we do it again?
    Ps I missed you and mashep miserably today! It feels like million years!