RANT: Dead Herb Gardens

I thought I should update you all on how the herb garden has fared. And as you can see, the basil has survived:

One of the empty pots next to it used to house the parsley plant that just never quite revived from its initial trip home from the grocery store. And the other pot was the home to a cilantro plant for about 5 days. To be honest, the basil has touch-and-go moments at least once a week. If I can keep it alive through Easter, I might try parsley again. Anyone have tips? I feel like it shouldn't be this hard!

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  1. Wow, you were gifted with the black thumb like me, Em. Sad! We had a cute cute coffee plant above our sink right by a window and it's drooping more everyday. It's not easy! My basil I kept inside attracted all of these tiny bugs, so I got annoyed and chucked it. No help from holly :)